How to Sell

Remember presentation is everything!
Items that are freshly washed, paired up and organized are easier to process for cash back to you!

3 easy steps...

1. Call the store at 11am on one of our buying days to set up your same day trade-in appointment.
2. You may bring to your appointment: 25-50 items of clothing and 25 items of toys, baby/mommy gear
3. Receive Store credit or cash for your gently used items. (Store credit amount will be more than the cash amount

Clothing and Footwear:
• Current Styles and designer/department store brands are worth more! (See brand names list)
• Basic brands from Target are worth more with tags or in excellent condition.
• Outfits are worth more. Pair outfits up for easy identification.
• Wipe down shoes. Wash/scrub the bottoms of shoes.
• Clothing should be laid flat or folded neatly in bins or shopping totes only, NO TRASH BAGS.
• ALL clothing should be freshly laundered, otherwise items may not be accepted
• NO stains, rips, odors, pet hair or fading

Baby Gear and Accessories
(Bouncers, Swings, Playmats, Exersaucers, Scooters, Wagons, Toys, Books, Etc...)
• Baby Gear and Strollers must have been manufactured in the last 5 years
• Ensure the item has not been recalled and is in good working condition and is safe
• Items that require batteries must have working batteries included.
• Make sure sets are as complete as possible and group complete sets together in a plastic bag
• Wipe down all surface areas and wash any fabric coverings. The cleaner the better!
• DVD's for kids in the original cases free of scratches.

• Books in near new condition, free of marks,scratches & torn pages.
• All items must be in working condition and include all safety straps, etc.
• Manuals are appreciated but not required.

Items we do not buy:
• Recalled Toys, furniture, or gear, anything damaged, or with missing parts, Car seats, stuffed animals, breast pumps. No cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011. Info available at

What can you expect
Based on the estimated resale value determined by oh! baby, you can expect to receive 30%-50% of the selling price in store credit or cash/check, You always have the option of accepting or declining our offer.